Fab Finds Batch 4: Bohol Edition!

Previously posted on July 9, 2015 @Homescool.ph

My most fabulous finds during a recent trip to Bohol are:

1. Time

Yes, I found time. Or should I say, we found time. A few of my BFF tennis teammates and I took time out to head to Bohol for some bonding and R & R. Being full time mothers, it was not easy to take trips like this, but I am glad to say that this is already our second trip:) A “Best in Uniform” prize in one tennis tournament 2 years ago gave us the chance to travel to Boracay for the first time together. When you have a blast, you would want to do it again and again, right?

For some reason, I did not travel with friends when I was younger or when I was still single. I then noticed how my married sisters in law in my husband’s side of the family would from time-to-time travel with their friends. And so, thanks to Gilbert who generously gave the go signal and funded the trips, I eventually tried! And tried again, and again!

It’s important to find the TIME to rest and slow down. It can be trip with your spouse (without the kids) or yes, a short trip with siblings or friends! It can be just a short break of a good book in a coffee shop. I always try to think of it this way. If teachers are given two weeks’ vacation leave and seminars for enrichment and continuous learning, Homeschooling teachers should get some form of break too, right?

At the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol. And yes, we found the time to coordinate our outfits!
Seated: Candy, who homeschooled for a year and to my left, standing: Joyce, Monet
An ATV Adventure around the Chocolate Hills; We had to drive around in the rain! The rain actually upped the ante!
An all girl getaway ain’t complete without the jumpshot! And look at me, don’t you think I look like a butterfly!

The key to make such a getaway happen was to make TIME. And that includes making the time to plan it, book the tickets and accommodations. We also had to make the decisions earlier on as we wanted to cut the cost and avail of the promo rates of airline tickets.

Thank you, Candy, Joyce and Monet for helping make this happen. Thank you to hubbies Jello, Jun, Bing and Gilbert as well!

  1. The Tarsier Paprika (an Herbs and Spices Restaurant) at the Tarsier Botanical Garden and Animal Wildlife. You may also check their FB page Tarsier Botanika for other leisure activities offered by this group.
Under the Sea???
First time for me to see “calachuchi” with pointed petals!!!
Lovely salad with Asian dressing! So, refreshing! The chocolate cake which I failed to take a photo of was just too yummy!

3. Kids @ Play

Wouldn’t you say that the moment captured by the following shots is truly fabulous? Simple joys of children at play, indeed! Playing with the wind, with a wheel in this setting is pure bliss!

  1. The Salad with flowers at the Bohol Bee Farm! (For more info on the places mentioned in the next numbers, please click on the highlighted venues/accommodations)
It’s an amazing experiencing eating everything harvested in the garden of a restaurant!
  1. Yummiest Pizza in Visayas?? Possibly, in Guiseppe Pizzeria!
  1. Under the Sea Finds

According to diver BFF Candy, we saw the following: Nemo and Dory…. Oops I meant, we saw the following: Clown fish, Blue Tang fish, Moorish Idol, Remora, Parrot Fish, Butterfly fish, Blue Damsel fish, Striped Damsel fish! We also saw the head of the sea turtle!


It was a good time to explore as we swam. You see when mothers travel with kids, we are not “free” to explore fully since we have to keep an eye on the safety of the children and when you have four children like me, then your “eyes” are full! So, this was a treat for all of us as we “snorkeled” with more freedom.

I saw all of these and many more! All photos courtesy of http://www.liveaquaria.com.

7. A special advanced birthday gift

My BFF tennis mates saw it fit to “surprise” me with an advanced birthday cake slice and jointly gave me this pretty souvenir of our Bohol beach trip 🙂
A fabulous find from my favorite friends from Tarsier Botanika Gift Shop
  1. Bohol Habitat
The garden offered a lot of photo gimmicks with the butterfly theme.

We were only able to explore the butterfly garden in Habitat Bohol. The short experience in the garden was very entertaining and informative! We were quite amused with the photo-savvy tour guides who had hilarious punchlines as we did the tour.

9. Bellevue Hotel

We all enjoyed our stay in Bellevue. The Deluxe rooms were very comfortable and spacious. Food was yummy! The guest services including housekeeping were very helpful and accommodating. The hotel staff from the concierge to the lifeguards and security guards were very eager to help and attend to their guests needs:)

10. Bohol Beach Club

We were able to stay in BBC as guests for the day through the kindness and hospitality of a dear family friend. BBC has a very long and awesome beach front! Their staff was also warm and friendly!

Finally, some chilled white wine:)
Hurrah for stay-at=home-moms seriously chilling and relaxing!
Finally, a hammock by the beach! And yes, BBC had so many!!! Hopefully, I will lose some weight so I don’t end up touching the sand!

I decided to do this post to suggest Bohol as a possible getaway for a few moms in a Homeschooling co-op or support group. It may also be R & R for the Homeschooling parents who may need a break or just a destination for the entire family (with so many educational fieldtrip options) during your Homeschool break.

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

Exodus 33:14

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