Fabulous Finds Batch 2!

Previously posted on June 22, 2015 @Homescool.ph

So here are my new finds again!

  1. Meow, Meow from Raya’s Room!
A snoozing cat in oil on canvass by Raya Simpao

Papa Gilbert thinks this is the best ever so far. We love how the cat really looks so rested, cuddly and happy. Raya has truly learned a whole lot experimenting and applying what she learned from her Art Lessons under Teacher Elaine O. Herbosa of L’Arc en Ciel.

  1. A collage of photos laid and mounted by P.S. Crafts with Soul. Found them at the block party in Makiling Park two week ago. Check the link and see other gift ideas!

A Father’s Day Gift to Gilbert

A collage of photos mounted beautifully using decoupage and wooden boards
  1. A Colorful Bright Ideas Notebook (Colored blank pages) from Fully Booked.

Thank you, Tita Chel! She is the “Tita” with most beautiful yet effortless handwriting.

Gift for Raya from Tita Maricel Arenas It’s like flapping the rainbow!
  1. It was great catching up with my dear friend, Reena Ermintano of the Reading Specialist. I grew up with Reena in Maryknoll Grade School and High School and we’ve managed to keep in touch. We must fabulously find time to nurture such friendships! Reena together with teacher Cecilia “CJ” Jocson worked closely with Marco for several months during 6th Grade. As I homeschooled Marco from level 1-6, I noticed some “Reading” concerns that may have limited his leisure reading. True enough, some Reading diagnostic tests have shown some areas that need to be professionally addressed. Teacher CJ helped him so many strategies to unlock and understand the written word in various forms. I knew deep within that with 3 other children, I could no longer address this concern and called the experts! With Reena’s MA in Elementary Education and Reading Specialist and Cj’s MA in Reading Education and 11 years of clinical experience, I had the best dynamic Reading duo, one could ever wish for. As I write, for summer, Marco is reading Lord of the Rings (Book 2, after finishing Book 1 in a week!)! Thank you, Reena, CJ and the Reading Specialist team. Marco first entered the Reading Specialist office in Civic Drive, Alabang, a few inches shorter than Reena. Now even with heels, Marco has grown to be much taller! He has also become a confident reader with their help!
Grade school classmate and high school barkada, Reena Ermitano with Marco
  1. A BFF Cousin’s Happy Birthday five page letter to my daughter, Raya!
Handwritten letters are a rarity these days! Thank you, Kaila!
  1. Manuka Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

The Manuka Honey helps me with my immunity issues. On wounds, it somehow promotes faster healing and addresses inflammation. I’ve tested it with sore throats, and oral ulcers/sores (singaw) and they really speed up healing and prevent worsening of the condition.

My batch mate from PGH recently messaged me about a study done by her Dermatology colleague testing the positive healing effect of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar on a wart (apply vinegar on non-facial warts). We are testing it and will let you know! So far, it really looks promising! My brother also told my mom to try 1 tablespoon Bragg’s apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon honey for arthritic pain (must be diluted with water and maple syrup). We have to test this first. I tried ingesting it and it’s really sour and strong despite mixing with honey so I will have to really dilute it!

Healthy Options
  1. The HomesCool.ph Staff – the kids!

The older teen boys are now my assistants as they try to take photos of their past portfolios and arranging these in digital folders of easy access. We will share them soon in more blog posts! Youngest Gino took photos for books for our coming online sale in Facebook page of Homescool.ph.

  1. A Precious Find: Siblings Playing:) The four original Homeschooled kids are together!
It’s always a blessing to see all four kids play!
  1. The hundreds of red roses created last year for my Mom’s 80th birthday

A few families (3 siblings) contributed to create as many red paper origami roses (similar to the Senbazuru – I encouraged those making them to pray for Lolo Dony and Lola Emma as they were folding) for Mommy Emma’s 80th birthday. Siblings, grandchildren, and even helpers helped to create these as decor for the party. We unearthed them so we can mount, frame and display. Raya helped in laying the roses down, using glue gun and giant cardboard. I will show you once these are all framed!

We would like to thank Tadashi Mori for the very thorough youtube demo! Try it!

  1. The Farm Organics in Commerce Center, Alabang

I was there with my tennis team last Friday and after tasting the burger, I had to bring the family over. “Best burgers!” according to Vince and Marco. However, the size can find you wanting for more! Try the Kesong Puti Caprese Salad.  The serving staff though still needs to train some more in attending to customers and the restaurant needs to have better inventory since several options in the menu were “sold out” for a Saturday dinner. It’s worth the visit though. Yumyum!

Team Tenez after Hillsborough Tournament felt, after some long games, that the yummy burgers were a bit “bitin” in size!
Pre-Father’s Day dinner with the family/Yummy burgers and creamy truffle pasta

Let me know what you think about these finds!!

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8

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