Fab Finds Batch 3

Previously posted on June 27, 2015 @Homescool.ph

Initially, I thought as I planned the categories of this blog that fabulous finds would refer to tangible store-bought stuff. However, as I was beginning to compile the “good finds”. I realized that I don’t have to limit this list to material stuff, but they can extend to people, groups, experiences and realizations. So again, here are the winner finds this week.

  1. Raya’s drawings of the four Disney princess when she was two years old
Can you identify them from left to right?
  1. A local online supplier of art materials

It’s like the SM of Art Materials. “They’ve got it all!”  You can order and pay via bank deposit, paypal, credit card and for Metro Manila residents, they can deliver with COD (Cash on Delivery) payment scheme!! Check it out! http://www.theoilpaintstore.com. Thank you, Alex, one of Raya’s painting teachers, for sharing this site to us.

For homeschoolers, check you the kid’s section! Whether you are a beginner or serious crafter, this is a must visit site!

  1. Reconnecting with another BFF from high school!

For a wake of a friend’s father, I had to make the long journey to Quezon City this week (2 hours from Alabang). And I am so thankful that BFF Dr. Nanette Lizardo-Lajo took time to meet me for lunch. Dr. Nanette Lajo is a wonderful friend from both high school and medical school! We were flat mates across PGH in Taft. It was a short (2 hours is short for us) yet sweet reunion. Should you need a loving and caring pediatrician in St. Luke’s QC or Delgado Hospital QC, look for her! Her hubby, Dr. Marlon Lajo, is an amazing plastic surgeon. Both of them were my batchmates in UP College of Medicine!

Nanette is my eldest son’s godmother. I am godmother to her two children.

Only a true BFF would do this:

After discovering our homescoolph IG account, she likes all the photos posted! Thank you, Nanette!

Life is short. FIND time to meet up with your fabulous friends.

  1. An illustration of being yoked together as husband and wife I received via email this week
One of my mentors in my Christian walk, Debbie Alnutt, shared this image with me to illustrate “being equally yoked” with your spouse. She shared with me fresh insights as Gilbert and I take on our 21st year together.
  1. Electric socket in a girl’s room
Another use for washi tape in Raya’s Room
  1. Another painting from Raya’s Room

She has been asking for some cactuses for her room. I guess, it is taking too long. She decided to paint this instead.

  1. Origami Roses Ready for Framing

Remember the list in the previous Fabulous Finds post? With Raya’s help, using glue gun, the roses were finally mounted for framing. Good friend and artist, Van Tuico will do the framing. I’ll post the finished product soon.

  1. A transformed jar for supplies (from a plastic cookie container)

Raya based this project from an online craft tutorial (youtube user floritere!)

  1. An amazing truth to hang on to in Numbers 11:23

The LORD answered Moses, “Is the LORD’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.”

As I prayed this week, this verse encouraged me as I begged the Lord for healing for several friends battling with cancer. God’s arm is never too short. In faith, we believe, and we rest.


As I was about to go down after parking the car, this was the site that greeted me. Yes, I was about to walk towards a hospital to accompany my parents with a mismatched pair of shoes! How on earth did I find myself in such a predicament? My last recollection was checking which shoe fit my top. I believe I made the decision in my mind but didn’t follow through with the actual physical action of wearing the other pair of the chosen shoe. Oh my, can you imagine the suggestions of those I messaged? 

  1. Take off the other shoe and roll up my pants, pretend I was hurt and head to the ER.
  2. Get those Operating Room shoe covers and use those as you go around the hospital.
  3. Go to the nearest mall (5 mins away) and buy slippers.

But God knew about this and already planned a way on how I could get the other pair! God wanted me to be with my parents and accomplish His agenda for me that day! So yes, the other shoe arrived after half an hour! God was my Prince Charming and I felt like Cinderella as He saved the day for me.

Now on to the next batch of great finds…..

The LORD answered Moses, “Is the LORD’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.”

Numbers 11:23

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