Top 10 Guaranteed Tips to Be a Fun (and Funny) Teacher!

Previously posted on January 24, 2017

Nothing beats a day of learning and laughter. Fun school days are more heartwarming and memorable. Try to review my blogpost on the value of fun in learning. Here are some tips to chill and be a more fun (and funny teacher):

  1. For preschoolers, do a lot of pretend play! For a study on the wandering nomads of ancient history, we all pretended to be nomads! Using cloths, plants, pretend bread and fish, wooden sticks, tents and whatever we could find, we packed our belongings and recreated scenes as moved from one place to another. We imagined the danger of animals and so at “night” we would have to assign one to keep watch as the others slept in their mats. You could just imagine the thrill and excitement as we did this together.
  2. Do dramatization/ re-enact stories! One of our favorites was re-enacting the story or the miracle during the wedding at Cana!  We also did the story of the poor widow who gave everything she got and of course, the washing of the disciples’ feet was really unforgettable.
  3. Be unpredictable sometimes!  Surprise the kids with a totally different no-worksheet day! For an important national holiday (where you opt to do school), come in Filipino costume! If they have favorite stories, such as Miss Nelson is Missing for our then primary and preschool level kids, I will pretend to be Miss. Viola Swamp.
  4. Do a lot of movement together. Be it sports, relays, or dances, just keep moving (like Dory’s “Just keep swimming”)! Dance together! Once we tried, “Tinikling” with 2 bamboo posts! For multilevel children or co-ops, plan a mini-olympics or a dance fest.
  5. If it’s playoffs or finals season in NBA or UAAP or any sports that you and your children are into, open the TV and just like the line in the famous song in Frozen, let it go and enjoy! Get some popcorn and enjoy the game together.
  6. Do not lose your patience and temper for messy ART time. With a few communicated rules, let your children express even when it creates some mess. You can always involve them in tidying them up after.
  7. Put your mobile phone away and only check on it during break time.
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. So, you can’t find the ruler? The nth scissors are misplaced again? Your student keeps mixing up writing the “b” and the “d” (you know the “b” for bowling to the right, and “d” for dancing to the left, rule?) Again, let it go. Practice this so your students will also learn not to “sweat the small stuff.”
  9. Play some music if your students request it during project time or doing math drills. A bit of music can really “up the ante” at times.
  10. Pray!  Setting aside the cares of this world and the other must dos as we homeschool really helps us to have a lighter and cheerful attitude when we teach. So before doing school, obey 1 Peter 5:7 and “Cast thy burdens on Him and He will lift you up.” A gloomy teacher is a no, no!

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.

Proverbs 15:30

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