Effective Stress Busters for every Homeschooling Parent!

Previously posted on September 2, 2016 @Homescool.ph

Let me share with you how I have somehow reduced unnecessary stress with some very simple tips. Stress is Life’s middle name. It is inevitable.

One of the most important advice is to shut your phone off! If you have a landline, let your loved ones call you there for emergencies. Check your phone only during breaks. If this is the only thing you can safeguard and apply, you would have removed a whole of stress in trying to homeschool our children while being connected to all our contacts!

And yes, there are many ways to reduce the amount of stress we face as we homeschool. Let me share my tried and tested tips.


Homeschooling is a teacher mommy or daddy’s full-time job. Just like any other occupation, homeschool teaching has its own set of challenges and so, we also need to find ways to learn how to reduce stress in our workplace, the homeschool classroom.

So here goes:

1. If you truly believe in the power of prayer and meditation, make it a number one priority for the day. We may differ in the manner / timing this is done. Most prefer to do it at the first hour of the day while the kids are still asleep, however there are those who would rather do this at the end of the day. Of course, there are days, we rush or miss out on this precious time, but don’t ever let that be the norm.  The battle they say is won on our knees.

2. Dress up and look good:) I don’t get motivated if I homeschool in home clothes. That’s just me. I feel better if I am dressed in ready to go clothes and yes, with fixed hair and some make up. I am also ready for surprise visits, or if I suddenly need to leave. Sometimes, when I have more time, I actually put more make-up.  Lest all the makeup (which most moms have too much off) expires, and become harmful, by all means, use them. I’d rather have a toxic day looking smart and well than having a toxic day and feel “ugly.”

The day I wore red! Why not?
(I never wear red so at least, I can while we homeschool!)

3. Move! Find an activity that will make you move: running? a sport? a dance class? or simply be your child’s PE teacher! Learn badminton together or aim to run 2 or 3 km and watch YouTube tutorials on specific sports!

We love tennis!

4. Keep your workplace in good condition (with an acceptable level of organization, reduce the stress points in your classroom eye sores like clutter, excess amount of material, misplaced stuff, “I don’t what to deal with you” papers/ things).

5. Do something new or different every week (or if it works for you, do such things more often). Fly a kite on a windy day, take a bath under heavy rain, or just take your books and work in a coffee shop, in a park or in bed!

6. Reconnect with friends from your childhood! I have found regular reunions with people you grew up as one of the most effective distressing times. There is just so much laughter as we look back! Ang says!

Here with classmates from Grade 2! We joined the Mega Magazine Independence Day Campaign! In return, we got a free makeover and shoot!
We’ve recently become more deliberate in seeing each other regularly. A few couldn’t make it for the shoot, but these are some of my grade school besties, Noreen (right), then Mian and Michelle (left).

7. Be a blessing to others. Make it part of your agenda to encourage others. Be purposeful and deliberate. Remember it says in Proverbs, “Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed!” That is so true!

Here with German volunteers, Mona and Matilda for Visions of Hope. http://www.visionsofhopefoundation.org

Here are my friends in the Vision of Hope’s Rose of Sharon Boarding Facility for Homeless street children. I taught them how to make yarn pompoms:)

Celebrated morning of my birthday with these lovely ladies of Rose Sharon:)

8. Take time before homeschooling session to jot down your non-homeschooling “must dos” in a notebook or planner. Check the list out during breaks or while your children may be doing independent work (which is a luxury!). Do not attempt to do a non-homeschool task which you are sure will consume too much time during breaks.

9. Involve children in helping with chores or assisting you in organizing your working area (Today, Gino assisted me in organizing receipts, wrapping a gift and putting plastic cover on a book.) Gino helped me deal with a box full of receipts!

Gino was my assistant today! Thank you, Gino!

10. Make it a habit to declutter your handbag, to reduce its weight and try (I struggle here) to keep it organized and neat. And always put car keys and parking ticket in the same place all the time. Nothing pressures me more than having an abyss-like bag and endlessly digging to find what you need!

If this list is overwhelming, try to choose 3 to start implementing and see the difference in your stress levels! Hope these works for you!  If you have more to add, please feel free to comment!

One more thing, attend a regular activity with other homeschoolers to destress and know you are not ALONE.

Educating for Life Coffee time for homeschoolers.

Why not join this year’s HAPI (Homeschoolers of the Philippine Islands) and Educating for Life’s Philippine Homeschooling Conference come October 22, 2016?

I will be involved as one of the workshop speakers, please come!
Click on this link to register now!

7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

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