How to Spot a Homeschooler

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Homeschoolers will definitely stand out because we are alternative educators. Despite being around our country for more than several decades, Homeschooling is still a radical approach to educating children. After 15 years of Homeschooling, let me share with you how to spot a Homeschooler and yes please appreciate them. They are treading through a very bold and daunting journey.

Hoarder! Whether it be educational materials, support groups, activities for our students, teaching tips and advice from those who have gone ahead of us, we love to Hoard! And sometimes, to a great fault. There is GIANT insecurity of not having what a traditional school can offer so we try to compensate, overcompensate. So, you’ll always see us in bookstores (dropping by even if we don’t need anything), books fairs, “Book Sale” branches, searching online, etc. Of course, we are limited by our financial budgets, however, we sometimes try to rationalize purchasing “one more” thing by saying, we don’t a have huge tuition fee anyway. However, the “Hoarder” in us will eventually calm down at some point.

Overwhelmed. This can happen several times a day which we can overcome as we go about our day. However, boulders of “Overwhelmed Feelings” can really railroad us for longer periods of time. Imagine taking care of all subjects while taking care of the home? Imagine taking care of ALL subjects of MULTIPLE children and taking care of the home? First time homeschoolers may be more prone to this as they learn how to adjust and mix home life with education. However, as time goes by and as more and more products of one’s homeschooling surface, there is a switch from a negative kind of “Overwhelmed” to the positive kinds; “Overwhelmed with excitement, overwhelmed with joy, overwhelmed with ideas.” Beware she might just end up convincing you to Homeschool.

Mrs. Doubtfire. This term came from a movie by Robin Williams. Beginner Homeschoolers are also prone to a barrage of doubts. “What am I doing?”, “”Can I really do this?”, “Will my children learn? “, and “Am I destroying our children’s future” can actually set one into an avalanche of self-doubt. Doubts can either cripple us or make us humble and seek help. I have learned to commit our Homeschooling to the Lord and seek Him first. I try to be quick to learn from others and to be willing to seek and avail of help. Doubts can draw you to commit your family and your journey to God.

Eager to Encourage. I am a witness to this amazing transformation among Homeschoolers in this area. A doubting teacher, through time and experience, begins to willingly come alongside and support others. Homeschoolers who meet other Homeschoolers is the one of the most wonderful fellowships ever as encouragement instantly overflows.

Support seeker. The Homeschoolers in the Philippines Facebook page, I set up a year ago, is the best proof of this. Homeschoolers are always in need of help in various forms. We are nearing the 9300 marks in membership!

Chaos Expert. This especially applies to those who have many students to teach. The more closely spaced the children are, the more chaos, and the more one becomes an expert to remain calm amidst so many things happening. I remember breastfeeding while teaching two preschooler and depending on my feet to reach stuff! Calmness, one trait my close friends believe I possess, is borne out of years of homeschooling four children (and being the youngest of nine children, I guess).

Obedient to the Calling. Homeschooling is a calling. It all begins with that. As new homeschoolers start their adventure, a lot of skepticism, criticism and opposition will come in many forms and various directions. However, if the calling is secure, obedient Homeschoolers will definitely weather through, thrive, survive and flourish.

Occasionally Obsessed (forgive us!). Sometimes you may meet someone who is just so into Homeschooling, and it just shows in every area of their lives. Well, Homeschooling is a lifestyle so that’s expected. So be gracious to those who can’t stop talking about it. Eventually, things will settle down at some point. Sometimes, it helps Homeschoolers to talk about it to destress.

Lifelong Learner.  One of the best things about being a parent-teacher is “learning or relearning” alongside your children. I have become a passionate History (World and Philippine) reader, a multiple subject (including ART!) piano, baking, cooking, basic carpentry, Filipino games, volleyball teacher (and many other skills!) as a result of our Homeschooling. My love for reading has been re-ignited. I believe I have a become “better person” through the many lessons  I have had to learn and teach. Homeschoolers are definitely eager learners. It’s the only way we can infect our children with the passion to learn!

So there, HOMESCOOL tips on how to spot US.

“These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.”

Deuteronomy 6:6-8

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