Shapes, Lines and Forms: Putting Them All Together

Previously posted on August 14, 2015 @

Sometimes, I find myself seeing potential in everyday stuff: boxes, ribbons, jars or bottles. So, our household gets quite crazy when I just can’t seem to easily throw stuff. I’ve used chocolate boxes, wine bottles, bike part boxes, appliances boxes and giant furniture boxes for so many projects that have brought so much learning and fun and many beautiful memories.

For this project, it began with a toothpaste box. I just knew with a few add-ons and adjustments; we can turn it into a delivery “truck”. Since we are doing the series of Lines, Shapes and eventually Forms in our Art Attack series, I decided it was best to share this as “application time” to create a something 3-Dimensional project.

Here are your materials:

Black board paper (scrap paper), double toothpaste box, scissors, glue gun with glue stick, black pen, double sided pen, small cube or rectangular prism box, scotch tape, white paper, cutter or cutting system, and googly eyes.

This is one of my best buys in my “Scrapbooking” career. Creative Memories Cutting System (The circle is the most useful) that allows you to perfectly cut circles (and other shapes) in different sizes.

Fiskars also has its own cutting system. You can also use any circular object like coins and draw around and have your kids practice their fine motor skills in trying to cut around to create circles.

Use scotch tape to seal the flaps of the smaller cube or rectangular prism shaped box then cover with white paper like a gift. Use glue or glue gun to seal the flaps. Scotch tape will make it obvious and if you wish to paint this, the scotch tape is hard to paint over.

Handle the glue gun with care with children around. An older child can have a go in pressing the trigger however make sure the tip is out of reach all the time. Craft glue can be used as well but dries and seals longer. Craft glue or double-sided tape may also be used if you want the children to do it all on their own. Always unplug the glue gun when not in use.

You may wish to paint this smaller box if you wish. Attach the wrapped box to the toothpaste box and add details.

Add a sunroof and the wheels. You can add more wheels and turn this into Math for smaller children. An eighteen-wheeler truck is nice to make!

You may opt to get another similar box so both sides have the same design or signage. Make sure when you stick the wheels their farthest edge should meet the edge of the box.

Draw some details into the front part of the truck. And you may use buttons, or circular embellishments or goggly eyes for the “head lights”. You may add plate, and a truck number, a muffler or bumpers.

All ready to deliver toothpaste! Let’s go!

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