An Art a Day Takes the Blues Away: Art Works using Lines & Shapes

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We have been studying these elements: Lines and shapes in our past entries in the Art Attack category. For a relaxing Art session with your kids, just review and talk about what they’ve been learning about Lines and Shapes. Then just allow them to create something to feature or show what they have learned. Let me show you what our kids created:

You can use different colors, using marker pens, crayons, oil pastel, poster/tempera point so your student can have a go with different media.
Allow your students to use one shape and make different sizes using a template or coins, sauces, lid covers and try to make him think of that they are. Here my son chose circles and decided the many circles were Uranus and its many moons.

For contour, you may introduce positive and negative images. Check this video. My son chose 23 since they were into basketball, and he was a fan of Michael Jordan.

In the next two works, we applied lines, shapes and primary colors. Here, we dipped some strings (at least maybe 3mm) in black paint and “stamp” them on the paper as lines. My two sons were free to choose how they wanted to “stamp” the inked strings. After the black markings dried, they used primary colors to color the spaces to create a design as inspired by Piet Mondrian.

Photo/Work Credit:

If you’d like to see an Art lesson on Mondrian, click this unit on Piet Mondrian.

For older children, you can introduce creating 3-D shapes. These videos are good tutorials:

Look at the kids’ works after learning how to draw rectangular prisms and cubes.

As you assist them to create, try to give them as much freedom. Refrain from commenting too much or directing the Art experience. Rid yourself of what is and what isn’t beautiful or what is right or wrong in Art expression. Try to just encourage children to express without trying to conform or without pressure to please you. Don’t be too quick to ask, “What is that (that communicates that you don’t get what they’re trying to draw)? Just wait. More often than not, they will talk about what they had just drawn.

Happy Drawing!

Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress.

1 Timothy 4:15

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